Intex Kidz Portable Travel Bed

Intex Kidz Portable Travel Bed is an inflatable bed that is loved by many due to the comfort it gives your toddler.  It is a true combination of luxury, suitability and versatility.  This bed is suitable for sleepovers, camping, and nap times at home or away.  It comes with a frame that keeps the child safe from rolling out of bed.intex-kidz-travel-bed-inflatble-portable-bed-for-kids-toddler

Features include:

  • An inflatable mattress that is compact and perfect for travel.
  • It includes a hand pump that is easy to inflate
  • It comes with a carry bag allowing you to travel easy with the bed packed in its own bag.
  • It allows use of crib sheets and fits well
  • It measures 42x66x10 inches
  • It is appropriate for ages 3-8 years.
  • It has allowance for tucking your sheets to keep the child warm enough.
  • Its frame provides stability and security
  • It comes with removable inner mattress
  • It is used for both boys and girls
  • It is used both indoors and outdoors.

Testimonials from users

As you will note from the reviews, many users have loved the Intex Kidz portable toddler Bed and made it their favorite.  These are a few reviews fetched from Amazon only, am sure there are many more from other shopping platforms.

“We do quite a bit of camping throughout the summer and early fall. But now that our son had grown out of his pack and play, we needed to upgrade. I found this on Amazon but with a little research, quickly found it much cheaper at Walmart.”

“That being said, I love this bed. My son is only two and just about takes up half the length. He is just under 36″. It seems like it’s made out of quality material and it took a slight beating when he realized he could jump from it to our blow up mattress. It is definitely something that will grow with him as we will continue to take him camping. I will recommend this for anyone taking kids camping. A must have in our book.”


For that camping trip or sleepover at your parents or friends you don’t have a reason to miss out now as your children get to sleep soundly and enjoy the travel together as a family.  If you learn to settle the toddlers sleeping needs, you learn to plan an enjoyable trip.

We all can be a witness that without ample sleep we cannot perform to the best of our ability and the same with our little angels if they don’t get proper sleep.  Sleep allows a child to rest well and be active all over again the following day, without enough rest they become fussy and throw all sorts of tantrums. Investing in a comfortable travel toddler bed is encouraging your child to travel without a care in the world.